Haigh Marshall String Orchestra

Havergal Brian

Selected and annotated by Malcolm MacDonald

This combination made an auspicious début at its first concert in the Aeolian Hall on December 4th. Evidence was forthcoming in performances (directed by Benjamin Haigh Marshall) of works by Grieg and Sibelius that the orchestra is efficient, well-balanced and unusually enthusiastic. The orchestra is a welcome addition to the number of recently established string bodies. There is an enormous field to be explored by string orchestras, for the reasons are obvious why works for this combination are not more frequently included at ordinary classical concerts. There are in the ancient classics alone enough Concerti Grossi published to keep string orchestras busy for some time. So we hope to hear performances of the splendid Concerti Grossi by Locatelli, Handel, Geminiani and Corelli, as well as the modern works.

Musical opinion, February 1937