Classical Podcasts

A three-part HB podcast series online

Posted: 27 October 2016

The American web service called Classical Podcasts presents substantial programming on many musical topics. The website's operator, Lew Smoley has uploaded three podcasts in his 'Buried Treasure' series, devoted to Brian's music.

The two-and-a-half hour podcasts focus on Brian's music rather than his life, and contain many musical examples. The podcasts can be heard in their entirety on PlayerFM, by clicking the following link.

Up to The Tigers: Buried Treasure, Havergal Brian part 1

The Tigers to English Suite 5: Buried Treasure, Havergal Brian part 2

Symphony 10 onward: Buried Treasure, Havergal Brian part 3

Lew Smoley's 2012 podcast on the Gothic symphony can be heard here: Havergal Brian's Gothic symphony. Click on the 'listening guide' button on the right of the page.