Musica Viva score auction

See the latest bids for three HB scores; bids close on 31 January 2018

Posted: 16 December 2017

Our late Vice-President Godfrey Berry's three Musica Viva scores of Havergal Brian symphonies 8, 10 and 21 are being auctioned to members of the Havergal Brian Society. HBS members can send initial and improved bids to the HBS Chairman (details on the Society contacts page) before 31 January 2018, and the highest bidder will secure the score once payment has been received. All proceeds will be allocated to the Faust Fund.

The scores are in good condition with some scuffing on the covers. Bids have been received for all three scores.

Symphony 8Symphony 8 page Symphony no. 8: Current bid - £45

Symphony 10Symphony 10 page Symphony no. 10: Current bid - £45

Symphony 21Symphony 21 page Symphony no. 21: Current bid - £45