A new Brian symphonies recording!

A new Naxos recording that even the HBS didn't know about

Posted: 21 January 2018

Well, this is a first for the HBS!

Such was the speed with which the next recording for the Naxos symphony series was agreed by the HBS committee and organised in Moscow by conductor Alex Walker, that we have the amazing situation that a new recording is completed before most HBS members were even aware that it had been given the go-ahead! The sessions were held in Moscow during the week of 15th January 2018, again with the New Russia Symphony Orchestra.

So, lovers of HB can look forward another well-filled disc of Symphonies 7 & 16 in due course, with the overture “The Tinker’s Wedding” thrown in for full measure, all fine additions to the Naxos Brian series. Both of these symphonies are among Brian's greatest and were among the earliest to be issued commercially the first time around, so it was high time for fresh interpretations to become available. We hope to be able to say more about the sessions in a forthcoming HBS Newsletter.

Alex Walker taking in the brisk Moscow air after the recordings Alex Walker in Moscow