Online Recordings Library

Members of the Society have unrestricted access to almost every Brian performance transmitted by the BBC since 1958 through the online Recordings Library, which provides a streaming service through your web browser. 

The library includes the following recordings, all available for streaming:

Symphony 1 The Gothic: Three performances under Ole Schmidt, John Curro, Sir Charles Groves (the last is of the first three movements only)

Symphony 2: Four performances under Leslie Head (Hanley and London), Sir Charles Mackerras, Mark Fitz-Gerald

Symphony 3: Two performances under Stanley Pope (première), Lionel Friend

Symphony 4: Two performances under Maurice Handford (première), John Poole

Symphony 5: Three performacnes with Brian Rayner Cook/Leslie Head (première), Brian Rayner Cook/Stanley Pope, Donald Maxwell/Nicholas Kok

Symphony 6: Three performances under Stanford Robinson (première), Myer Fredman, Matthew Taylor

Symphony 7: Harry Newstone (première)

Symphony 8: Two performances under Rudolf Schwarz, Myer Fredman

Symphony 9: Three performances under Norman Del Mar (première), Myer Fredman, Sir Charles Groves

Symphony 10: Four performances under Stanley Pope (1958 première), Stanley Pope, James Loughran (Hallé), Mark Fitz-Gerald

Symphony 12: Two performances under Harry Newstone (première), Norman Del Mar

Symphony 13: Stanley Pope (première)

Symphony 14: Sir Edward Downes (première)

Symphony 15: Stanley Pope (première)

Symphony 16: Myer Fredman (première)

Symphony 17: Stanley Pope (première)

Symphony 18: Bryan Fairfax (première)

Symphony 19: Two performances under John Canarina (première), John Pickard

Symphony 20: Vernon Handley (première)

Symphony 21: Sir Edward Downes (première)

Symphony 22: Two performances under Myer Fredman (première), Sir Charles Groves

Symphony 23: Roy Goodman (première)

Symphony 24: Myer Fredman (première)

Symphony 25: John Canarina (première)

Symphony 26: Two performances under Nicholas Smith (première), Vernon Handley

Symphony 27: Sir Charles Mackerras (première)

Symphony 28: Leopold Stokowski (première)

Symphony 29: Two performances under Nicholas Smith (première), Myer Fredman

Symphony 30: Three performances under Harry Newstone (première), Lionel Friend, Jason Lai

Symphony 31: Sir Charles Mackerras (première)

Symphony 32: Two performances under Leslie Head (première), Myer Fredman

In Memoriam: Three performances under Joseph Vandernoot, Sir Charles Groves, John Pickard

English Suite 1 march: Martin Rutherford

English Suite 3: Leslie Head

English Suite 4: Martin Rutherford (première)

Tinker’s Wedding: Joseph Vandernoot

Jolly Miller: Robert Fitzpatrick

Cenci—Preludio Tragico: Harry Newstone (première)

Elegy: Two performances under Brian Wright (Guildhall), Brian Wright (BBC)

Concerto for Orchestra: Joseph Stones

Festival Fanfare: Two performances under Sir Charles Groves, Nicholas Braithwaite

Ave Atque Vale: Myer Fredman (première)

Violin Concerto: Two performances with Ralph Holmes/Stanley Pope (première), Ralph Holmes/James Blair

Cello Concerto: Thomas Igloi/Sir Adrian Boult

Legend: Elizabeth Layton/Scott Mitchell

Four miniatures/Prelude: Ronald Stevenson

Prelude & Fugue in C minor: Duncan Honeybourne*

Partsongs (various)

Herrick songs: Nicholas Smith (première)

Psalm 23: Two performances under Laszlo Heltay, Jan Cervenka

Faust Prologue in Heaven: Sir Charles Mackerras (première)

The Cenci (complete): James Kelleher (première)

Agamemnon: Richard Armstrong

Turandot pieces: Ronald Stevenson

Turandot suite arr. MacDonald: James Kelleher (première)




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