The Havergal Brian Society

work for cello and piano, 1906-07†


The existence of this work is attested only by a review, in the Musical Gossip column of the Athenaeum for 27 April 1907, of the performance noted below… The review states that »cello solos – one by Mr Bantock, the other by Mr Brian, both more or less of the salon order – were carefully played by Herr Willy Lehmann«. In the parlance of the time a ‘solo’ suggests not an unaccompanied cello piece, but a work with piano support, and the reference to a ‘salon’ style strengthens this impression. – Malcolm MacDonald

cello, piano



?1906 Hanley
24 April 1907 Broadwood’s Studios, London
Willy Lehmann (cello), WH Haddon Squire (piano)