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We are delighted to host the downloads on this page as adjuncts to the historical recordings that have already been issued on Dutton CDBP 9798.

The performances on this page complement the performances of symphonies 9 and 11 on the CD, since these are of symphonies 8, 10 and 12 which

were transmitted by the BBC Third Programme (now Radio 3) at around the same time, the late 1950s. As such, these recordings now fall outside UK

copyright and are presented here for your continued enjoyment.


DISCLAIMER: Sound recordings first published in the UK before 31st December 1959 can safely be considered to be in the UK public domain.

The Havergal Brian Society makes no guarantee that the files provided for download on this page are public domain in your country and assumes

no legal responsibility or liability of any kind for their copyright status outside the UK. Please obey the copyright laws of your country.

Please click this link to activate the links below, and continue downloading. By clicking the link, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to

this disclaimer. Please do not proceed further with download if you do not agree. Please click here for more information.


The recordings are in .mp3 format, encoded at 192 kbps with ID3 tags that should index the .mp3 files within your mp3 player, and are in mono as

originally transmitted in the UK. The files are contained within a .zip file archive which may be extracted using native Windows XP unzipping, or by using

software such as the freeware 7-zip program. Using an average broadband connection, download rate is of the order of 2-3Mb per minute.


SYMPHONY NO. 8: BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Rudolf Schwarz (broadcast 20th December 1958)

The first performance of symphony no. 8 was undertaken by Sir Adrian Boult conducting the London Philharmonic Orchestra on 1st February 1954

as a live broadcast, repeated the following day. It is understood that no recordings of these performances survive. However, the symphony was performed

again on 20th December 1958 by Rudolf Schwarz conducting the BBC Symphony Orchestra, again as a live transmission, and it is this performance that is

provided here. DOWNLOAD SYMPHONY NO. 8 (32Mb)


SYMPHONY NO. 10: Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Stanley Pope (broadcast 3rd November 1958) FIRST PERFORMANCE

Completed in 1954, the first performance of symphony no. 10 was undertaken as a live broadcast only four years following its completion.



SYMPHONY NO. 12: London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Harry Newstone (broadcast 5th November 1959) FIRST PERFORMANCE

Completed in February 1957, this performance took place at Hammersmith Town Hall two years after the work's completion, on 8th April 1959 as part of a

recording in front of a live audience that also included a performance of Brian's Dr Merryheart and the first performance of the symphony no. 11, which

were both issued on the CD noted above. The recording here therefore provides a valuable completion of that event. DOWNLOAD SYMPHONY NO. 12 (18Mb)





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