»HB: Aspects of Havergal Brian«, ed Dr phil Jürgen Schaarwächter



These articles all derive from the Havergal Brian Society Newsletter, those marked * do not appear on this website


Life and personality

Havergal Brian - as I knew him - Harold Truscott
* A voice from the past - Bertram B. Walker
Havergal Brian and Elgar - Philip Scowcroft
* "Dear Crusoe . . . always your Freitag":  the Brian letters at McMaster University - Malcolm MacDonald
* Friendship with Havergal Brian - Walter Allum
* Aspects of Brian - Reginald Nettel (with an excursus by Godfrey Berry and comments by Malcolm MacDonald, John Aldridge, Robert Timlin and Godfrey Berry)
Havergal Brian’s productive discontinuity - John Pickard (with a comment by Martyn Becker)
* Havergal Brian talking to Robert Simpson and Jeffrey Anderson


* Havergal Brian’s letter to Herbert Thompson: some implications - Malcolm MacDonald
The Gothic: music and meaning - Malcolm MacDonald (with a comment by Larry Alexander)
* The Gothic
revisited - Christopher J. Kettle
Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in relation to Brian’s First - Paul Rapoport
Robert Simpson in conversation with Stephen Johnson
Havergal Brian’s Second Symphony - Graham Saxby
Brian’s Third Symphony - Martyn Becker
Havergal Brian’s Sinfonia Tragica - Martin O’Leary
Thoughts on Havergal Brian’s Seventh Symphony - Harold Truscott
Brian and Mahler: four symphonies in comparison - Martin O’Leary
Havergal Brian’s Thirteenth Symphony - not unlucky 13! - Tim Shuker
Havergal Brian’s Fourteenth Symphony - an alternative view - Rodney Stephen Newton
Preparing Brian’s scores for performance - Myer Fredman/Robert Simpson
Arcadia v. Elysium: some thoughts on Symphony No. 27 - Barry Cronin
Some thoughts on the 30th - Rodney Stephen Newton
Havergal Brian and the single-movement symphony - Harold Truscott


* Havergal Brian’s large-scale choral works before 1914-- a preliminary investigation, Neil Starling (with comments on Psalm 23 by Larry Alexander and Malcolm MacDonald)
* Cleopatra’s
Librettist - Reginald Nettel
Havergal Brian and The Tigers - Granville Bantock
Let the Roar of the Tigers be Heard in the Land . . . - Malcolm MacDonald
Brian’s impatient Tigers - Martyn Becker
Brian’s word-setting - Mike Smith
Havergal Brian and the bare 5th - Rodney Stephen Newton (with a comment by Ted Heaton)
Havergal Brian’s solo piano music - Harold Truscott/Peter Hill
Havergal Brian and the percussion section: a broad survey - Rodney Stephen Newton
Brian, Mahler, Shostakovitch and Schoenberg: some idle thoughts - Christopher J. Kettle (with comments by Larry Alexander and Malcolm MacDonald)
The Brian revival - Robert Simpson

Catalogue of works


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