Lost songs ordered by title

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At candlelight Gunby Hadath [voice, piano] (?1926†)
Call for the robin redbreast Webster [voice, piano] (1919†)
Canadian boat song author unknown [voice, piano] (c.1892†)
The curate and the mulberry-tree author unknown [partsong] (1914†)
Far from thee Taylor [voice, piano] (c.1922-23†)
Go, happy rose Herrick [voice, piano] (c.1922-23†)
A gypsy song Jonson [SSAA] (1914†)
Hie upon hielands [trad. ballad] trad [male voices] (1914†)
Hymn to Diana Jonson [voice, piano] (1919†)
I know, and you! Bowles [voice, piano] (c.1922-23†)
I shot an arrow Longfellow [voice, piano] (?1895-96†)
The knight’s leap author unknown [partsong] (1914†)
Love’s remorse author unknown [partsong?] (1914†)
Marching along author unknown [male voices] (1914†)
Mine be a cot beside the hill Rogers [SA, piano] (1925†)
Music, when soft voices die Shelley [voice, piano] (1919†)
On a poet’s lips I slept Shelley [voice, piano] (1919†)
The poet’s dream author unknown [voice, piano] (1919†)
A proposal author unknown [voice, piano] (c.1922-23†)
Robin redbreast author unknown [unison, piano] (1914†)
Song of betrothal Gunby Hadath [voice, piano] (?1926†)
Sonnet: my lute Drummond [voice, piano] (1919†)
Stars of destiny author unknown [voice, piano] (c.1922-23†)
The sweetest dream author unknown [partsong] (1914†)
Sympathy author unknown [partsong] (1914†)
Today and tomorrow Gunby Hadath [voice, piano] (?1895-96†)
Twilight Op.13d/2 author unknown poss. Longfellow [SATB] (1906†)
The twilight house Bowles [voice, piano] (c.1922-23†)
Wanderer’s night song Goethe trans Morley [voice, piano] (?1895-96†)
Where shadows flee author unknown [voice, piano] (c.1922-23†)
Will you buy any rope? author unknown [partsong] (1914†)
A wish author unknown [2 voices, piano] (1919†)
Without you Gunby Hadath [voice, piano] (?1926†)
[title unknown] [song] Gunby Hadath [voice, piano] (?1895-96†)
[title unknown] [song] author unknown prob. Cumberland [tenor, piano] (1906†)