Lost songs ordered by type

Shortcuts: • Unaccompanied partsongs • Accompanied partsongs • Solo songs

Unaccompanied partsongs

1906 Twilight Op.13d/2 author unknown poss. Longfellow SATB
1914 The curate and the mulberry-tree author unknown partsong
A gypsy song Jonson SSAA
Hie upon hielands [trad. ballad] trad male voices
The knight’s leap author unknown partsong
Love’s remorse author unknown partsong?
Marching along author unknown male voices
The sweetest dream author unknown partsong
Sympathy author unknown partsong
Will you buy any rope? author unknown partsong

Accompanied partsongs

1914 Robin redbreast author unknown unison, piano
1919 A wish author unknown 2 voices, piano
1925 Mine be a cot beside the hill Rogers SA, piano

Solo songs

c.1892 Canadian boat song author unknown voice, piano
?1895-96 I shot an arrow Longfellow voice, piano
Today and tomorrow Gunby Hadath voice, piano
Wanderer’s night song Goethe trans Morley voice, piano
[title unknown] [song] Gunby Hadath voice, piano
1906 [title unknown] [song] author unknown prob. Cumberland tenor, piano
1914 Robin redbreast author unknown unison, piano
1919 Call for the robin redbreast Webster voice, piano
Hymn to Diana Jonson voice, piano
Music, when soft voices die Shelley voice, piano
On a poet’s lips I slept Shelley voice, piano
The poet’s dream author unknown voice, piano
Sonnet: my lute Drummond voice, piano
c.1922-23 Far from thee Taylor voice, piano
Go, happy rose Herrick voice, piano
I know, and you! Bowles voice, piano
A proposal author unknown voice, piano
Stars of destiny author unknown voice, piano
The twilight house Bowles voice, piano
Where shadows flee author unknown voice, piano
?1926 At candlelight Gunby Hadath voice, piano
Song of betrothal Gunby Hadath voice, piano
Without you Gunby Hadath voice, piano