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This page lists the articles on this website about Havergal Brian and his music. Where appropriate, a link appears under more than heading.

These articles are also referenced elsewhere on the site: e.g. articles about a symphony are referenced on that symphony’s title page, book reviews are referenced on the bibliography pages, and so on.

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Articles on specific compositions


Symphonies – in general

Symphony 1

Symphony 2

Symphony 3

Symphony 4

Symphony 5

Symphony 6

Symphony 7

Symphony 11

Symphony 16

Symphony 17

Symphony 18

Symphony 19

Symphony 28

Symphony 29

Symphony 30

Symphony 32

Other Orchestral Music

The battle song

Burlesque variations on an original theme

Doctor Merryheart


English suite 1

English suite 4

Fantastic variations on an old rhyme

Festal dance

For valour

In memoriam


  • Comment – Malcolm MacDonald (1981)

Soloists and orchestra

Symphony 5

Soloists, chorus and orchestra

Soloists, chorus and orchestra – in general

Symphony 1

Symphony 4

Chamber music


Piano music

Piano music – in general

Voice and piano

The birds

The defiled sanctuary

The land of dreams


Operas – in general


The Cenci


The Tigers

Turandot, prinzessin von China


The battle song

Minuet and funeral march

General articles on Brian’s music

Articles on Brian, the man

Articles about performances

Articles about commercial recordings

Articles about published books

Articles about the Havergal Brian Society