Lost compositions ordered by type

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Symphonies A Fantastic Symphony in E [4 movements] [orch] (1907-08†) dismantled
Other Orchestral Music The battle song [symphonic poem] [brass band] (1930-31†) completed only in sketch
Three comedy dances [orch] (1916†)
English suite 2 »Night portraits« [6 movements] [orch] (1915†)
Fanfare from The Grotesques [from The Tigers] [brass and perc] (1921†) full score lost
Hero and Leander Op.8 [symphonic poem] [orch] (1904-06†)
Legend [orch] (1915†)
Legende Op.4 [orch] (?1903-04†) – 15´
Overture »Buster Keaton« [orch] (?1920s†) unfinished
Pantalon and Columbine Op.2 [small orch] (?1902-03†) later inc in English suite 1 – 9´
Razamoff [symphonic drama] [orch] (1916†) unfinished
Red May [military march] [orch] (1914†)
Scherzo and slow movement [from A Fantastic Symphony mvts II, III] [orch] (1907†)
Symphonic movement [orch] (1964) unfinished, destroyed
Tales of olden times [3 preludes] [small orch] (1921-25†) destroyed by HB
Three dances [from The maiden and the flower garden] [orch] (1914†)
Tragic prelude [orch] (?1900-02†)
[title unknown] [work for orchestra] [orchestra] (1915†)
Concertos Violin concerto 1 [vln, orch] (1934†)
Choir Anthem author unknown [choir] (?1896†)
Chorus and orchestra Choral pieces for female voices and orchestra »Go, happy rose« Herrick [SSAA, orch] (1912†)
Pilgrimage to Kevlaar [ballad] Heine trans Todhunter [chor, orch] (1913†)
The soldier’s dream Campbell [orch; or voices, orch] (1908-09†)
[title unknown] [work for chorus and orchestra] Scott [chor, orch] (1908-09†)
Soloists and orchestra Two scenas Barber [bar, pno or orch] (1918†)
Soloists, chorus and orchestra By the waters of Babylon Op.11 Psalm 137 [bar, SATB chor, orch] (1905†) rev 1909 – 25´
Carmilhan Op.14 Longfellow [soli, chor, orch] (1906†)
Let God arise Psalm 68 [soli, chor, orch] (?1906-07†)
Prelude author unknown [sop, dble chor] (?1933†)
Prometheus unbound [lyric drama; 2 acts] Shelley parts 1 and 2 set complete [25 soli, 4 chors, orch] (1937-44†)
Requiem excerpts from New Testament and Hymns Ancient and Modern [bar, chor, orch] (c.1899†)
Chamber music Adagio e dolente [vlc, pno] (?1947†) fragment
Legend [vlc/bclar, pno] (?1944)
String quartet (?1903-04†) movements
[title unknown] [work for cello and piano] [cello, piano] (1906-07†)
[title unknown] [work for organ] [organ] (?1935†)
Voice and piano 23 SOLO SONGS
Operas Dierdre of the Sorrows [opera] J. M. Synge (?1947†) unfinished, destroyed
The maiden and the flower garden [children’s operetta] Cumberland [voices, piano] (1914†) children's operetta
Oedipus Coloneus [opera] Sophocles trans Sir George Young (1967†) unfinished, prob destroyed
Transcriptions Elgar: unidentified work [piano] (1926†)
Basil Maine: Te Deum [chor, orch] (1930s†)
Vaughan Williams: Sancta civitas [vocal score] (1925†)